Body Image: What Effect the Media Has On People

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    This site is about what effects people's body image.  There is a page on how the media effects teenagers, how men are effected differently than women, and why people get plastic surgery and the effects it has on the patient.  Here is a short summary of each page.

Media's Effect on Teenagers

    This part of the website will explore how the media influences young teenagers to become skinny.  It will also go into how different races are effected by western television. 

Male Body Image

    In this section, you will be learning about how there are some males that go through problems with anorexia, bulimia, and more commonly bigorexia. Because, believe it or not, males may struggle with these disorders just as females do. 

Plastic Surgery and the Media

    In this section, you will be informed of the different aspects of plastic surgery. It covers many topics from the risk factor to the media influence on our society. Do the pros outweigh the cons? Body obsession has become a mainstream problem in our society, and many people choose plastic surgery as the only alternative.